Monday, April 11, 2011

Photopraphy Day ~

My new photo when i taking photo ~

Going to rain ><

Lovely Sky

Sky going to turn dark ...

Sun Set around 6pm ~

Sun Set

Sun Set

Sky color when Sun Set

Saturday, October 23, 2010

vietnam restuarant

suwen so busy making her tissue~ haha

mei wei drinking a special drink's her drink almost rm 5 ringgit ~

i'm so happy when drinking orang because i can feel that sour and sweet orang

susan so happy when drinking her drink ^^
susan take this photo after had her dinner

Vietnam food

3 sister taking this vietnam restuarant photo
2 sister left lose 1 sister already , u know where is she ? she taking photo for us
dad , i and susan eating a special food

genting trip with family and friends~

rowena and weiwei in this photo ~ hor!!
Rowena you are look at the chicken rice ~~
Alan's special food chicken rice ~ woohoo!!!!!
Dr.Alan you look handsome when you taking this photo~
miss fatty weiwei hehe~ i'm calling you haha~
suwen your eyes like ah gong haha~~~
suwen are you thinking some things? i think yes haha~
susan take this photo for me .... hehe~~
look like so K ~ ^^''

my manu ~ hehe...
mei wei's manu~~
susan's manu ~~^^
mei wei and i taking the manu for order food~
suwen and susan is it look money sister
rowena , wei wei and Dr . Alan in 1 table ~~
look like 2 sister haha ~
2 monkey ^^ "
cousin suwen , i and susan 3 monkey taking this photo~^^
mei wei is eating a special fried rice~

susan is eating a special fried rice with fish egg~
me eating a special fish rice ~ yummy ......
me drinking a fresh carrot ... yum yum~

mei wei drinking ice lemon tea haha~~ so nice
susan drinking cola with lemon together ~~ susan is it nice ^^
i and rowena king in this photo ~
i hugging my cousin suwen~
susan and i my best friend~^^